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During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all had to adapt how we practice martial arts. Whether you are attending online classes or training on your own, you’ll benefit from a space that has what you need to practice, perform, and most of all, enjoy your chosen marital art. Setting up the right studio at home is something you can benefit from for years to come.

Guest writer Emma Grace Brown shares some great resources for setting up your optimal home martial arts studio. Emma writes about life, work, health, and beauty on her site Check out her site for tips to improve both your physical and emotional health.

The Important of Home Practice

The benefits of martial arts are known to encompass every aspect of a practitioner’s life. As you train, you can expect to enjoy the physical benefits that come with regular movement, such as a boost in immunity and endurance, as well as increased strength and flexibility. Mentally, you also develop problem-solving skills, self-confidence, and so much more. For this reason, it’s more than crucial to make training an indelible part of your life by not just relying on your studio practice, but also taking it to your home. Luckily, it’s easy enough to create your own studio at home. Here are some resources to help you with the process.

Making Space

Practicing any martial arts discipline at home requires sufficient space. So, look into converting your garage, basement, or spare room for this purpose.

Creating a Home Training Environment for Martial Arts

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Raise Your Home’s Value by Designing a Multipurpose Space


Choosing the Right Gear

Practicing martial arts is not just about sequences; full-body exercises are part of the training, too. Equipping your home studio with the right gear will keep you track.

List of Martial Arts Training Equipment (Traditional and Modern)

Home MMA Gym Essentials

How to Choose the Right Punching Bag


Practicing at Home

Practicing martial arts at home can be different from the dojo/dojang or studio set up. Know how to adapt your training accordingly.

The MMA Workout You Can Do at Home

5 Awesome Speed Bag Workouts for Boxing and Fitness at Home

Practicing at Home with Complete Shotokan Karate


Indeed, creating your own martial arts studio at home is not only a fantastic way to keep up with what you’ve learned from your instructors, but it’s also a great way for you and your family to keep fit when you’re at home. This could be one of your worthier investments yet!



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