TV and YouTube interviews with
WFAA Good Morning Texas – May 6, 2021 (Dallas-Fort Worth TV station)
First Coast News – May 19, 2021 (Jacksonville, FLA TV station)
Les Bubka Karate Jutsu (YouTube channel) – May 24, 2021 (Or listen to Les’s podcast below)
San Antonio Living – May 28, 2021 (San Antonio, TX station)
The Healing Place (YouTube channel) – Sept 10, 2021 (Or listen to Teri’s podcast below)
Stuck in My Mind (YouTube channel) with WIZE
Write or Die Show (YouTube channel) with Randi Bowslaugh
Rise to the Challenge (YouTube channel) with Alex Burket

Melanie has been featured on the following podcasts:

Elite Motivation Healing with Mahatma Starseed
Healing Soul with J with Jionna Harmon
Conversations LIVE! with Cyrus Webb
Healing Powers with Laura Powers
The Martial Arts Woman with Andrea Harkins
Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio with Jeremy Lesniak
Anxious Black Belt Podcast with Les Bubka
The Life Changes Show, episode 634 with Filippo Voltaggio
Wakeful Rebels, episode 7 with Jana
One Life Radio – Listen at the :32 mark for my interview
A Healing Journey-A Nurse’s Story with Letitia Smith
Women’s Radio with Pat Lynch
Everyday Martial Artist with Brian Doucette
The Eating Disorder Therapist with Harriet Frew
Self Discovery with Jaclyn Steele
The Healing Place with Teri Wellbrock
The Platinum Mask with Grayson Mask
Me Time Midlife Podcast with Kim Acedo
Fit for Joy with Valeria Teles
Working Well: How to Talk to Your Boss About Your Mental Health with Susanne McCabe
Kourting Happiness: Talking About Mental Health at Work with Dr. Kortni Alston
Unleashing Potential/The Impact Project with Mat Lock
Bounce Back and Thrive with Grace Kew
Adding Context with Michael Bollentin
Write or Die Show with Randi Bowslaugh
Dead America with Ed Watters
Rise to the Challenge with Alex Burket

Melanie Gibson’s work about martial arts, relationships, mental health, and other topics can be found here: (Click here for all articles or search the category Book Martial Arts Articles). – What Martial Arts Teaches Us About Mentorship
She Explores Life – What Martial Arts Teaches Us About Mentorship – Interview series with women in martial arts (Melanie Gibson)
She Explores Life – Doubling Down on Love: Is Your Relationship a Bad Investment? – How to Date with Bipolar Disorder
LA’s the Place – Tips for Dealing with Stress
Ms Career Girl – Faking “Fine”: Why I’ve Hidden My Mental Illness in the Workplace (For Now)
Authority Magazine – How Anyone Can Build Habits For Optimal Wellness (Plus, learn some trivia about my past and find out who my ideal lunch companion would be!)
Texas Lifestyle & Travel Magazine – 5 Minutes with Author Melanie Gibson – Using Taekwondo to Find Inner Peace (Plus, my favorite places to eat and hang out in Fort Worth!)
The Mighty – How Watching Horror Movies Helped Me Face My Anxiety
SWAAY – No More Whispering – Let’s Talk Out Loud About Mental Health
DIYMFA – Five Tips for Writing About Your Mental Health Journey
CEO World – How Leaders Can Support Employees’ Mental and Emotional Wellness
Fast Company – How to Talk to Your Boss About Your Mental Health
Girl Talk HQ – Regaining the Magic My Eating Disorder Stole From Me
Scubby – A Devastating Injury Healed My Relationship with My Body
30 Seconds – Self-Care Month: Self-Care & Inspirational Improvement Tips

Reviews, interviews, and publicity for Kicking and Screaming:
Kirkus Reviews – Review of Kicking and Screaming
The Snyder News – Interview with Melanie for her hometown newspaper
Lynchburg Reads – Review of Kicking and Screaming
All Things Jill-Elizabeth – Q&A with Melanie and her top ten book recommendations
Lone Star Literary Review – April releases of books by Texan authors
Coffee Time Romance – Interview with Melanie about her background and her favorite authors
Motherhood Moment – Interview with Melanie on writing and what makes a good story
What Is That Book About – Ten books that significantly influenced Melanie’s life and writing
Mississippi Bookworm – Kicking and Screaming recommendation and synopsis
Texas Lifestyle & Travel Magazine – Melanie’s dream picks for who would play her in the movie version of Kicking and Screaming
Seek the Joy Podcast – Q&A with Melanie about what inspires her work, what brings her joy, and advice she’d give her younger self.
Book Review Video – Video by martial artist and writer Steve Grogan from Geek Wing Chun, Inc.
76107 – Your neighbor’s nightstand – what memoir Melanie’s been reading and more about her own memoir
Fort Worth Magazine – In Her Words, 5 Questions with Melanie Gibson, a Fort Worth author
SMS NonFiction Book Reviews – Review of an unusual mental health memoir
The North Texan alumni newsletter – Class Note, 2003 graduate writes a memoir
Jeffrey Reads – 20 Questions with Melanie Gibson, books that inspire, mental health, and what’s next for Melanie
Operation Awesome – Interview with Melanie: what her tattoos mean, a writing tip, how she chose her publication route (plus cool pictures!)
Brummet’s Conscious Blog – The quote that keeps Melanie motivated, her favorite hobbies, and what’s on the horizon for her writing venture
Voyage Dallas Magazine – Melanie’s story, what she loves about Fort Worth, and the one thing she dislikes about her adopted hometown.
Shoutout DFW – The follow up to the Voyage Dallas interview–taking risks professionally and personally, and tips for what to do on a weekend in Funkytown.

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