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Welcome to Little Black Belt, a blog about life, leadership, learning, and the journey towards a girl’s greatest accessory: a black belt in taekwondo!
Hello! My name is Melanie Gibson, and I am your resident Tae Kwon Diva. This blog began as an online diary about the classes I was attending and the things I was learning. Over time it’s morphed into something different. Practicing martial arts has not only taught me a great deal about the taekwondo itself, but I’ve gained insight about self-development, learning, facing challenges, leadership, and living your best life.

My goal is to share those lessons with you.

Why Taekwondo?
Here’s the honest truth:
Taekwondo helped me rein in the crazy and create an awesome life.

Most of my life has been the uncomfortable (and unsuccessful) pursuit of a quiet mind. It was hell until I woke up and realized what was happening. I looked to taekwondo as a salve for a wound. What I found was a path to inner peace.

Martial arts was my vehicle; let me help you find yours.

The black belt mindset is for everyone, regardless of martial arts experience or training.
The black belt mindset is available to everyone regardless of age, gender, socio-economic status or physical capability. Confidence, humility, persistence, hunger to learn, and not being a jerk can happen without setting foot in a dojang.

I want to help each and every one of you become black belts in your own right, whether it is in your career, your relationships, your health and fitness, your emotional well-being, or the martial art you practice, if you happen to practice one.

So this isn’t just about taekwondo? The blog is over when I get the black belt, right?
Nope. It’s about the journey, the process. It’s about breaking bad habits and stopping the endless chase for answers to the wrong questions. And OK, it’s also about jumping around and yelling and kicking. Taekwondo is FUN.

I was awarded my first Dan black belt in October 2015 and my second Dan in November 2017. As of 2019 I’m on the hot pursuit of third Dan and hope to test at the end of 2020. I am still here with more to learn and more to share. I’m on a lifelong adventure of awesomeness that doesn’t stop with my next black belt degree.

So am I completely blissed out and enlightened because I’m a black belt?
I still like uncomfortable shoes, that metallic taste of an ice cold can of Coca-Cola (MUST be a can, not plastic!), and mindless television. Not sure how well that bodes for my journey to enlightenment…but let’s have some fun along the way.


Wanna chat? Email me at mdgwrites (at) or follow me on Twitter:
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  1. Yes I have had the pleasure of knowing GGM Park for almost 20 years. He presided over my son’s blackbelt tests from 1st to 5 th Dan . Spent many hours in his office in conversations with him. A very wonderful man. You too are fortunate to be one of his students.

    1. Thanks for reading, S Wave! Taekwondo helps you learn so much beyond punching and kicking. I’ve learned more about life and myself than I have in years. And I can punch and kick. 🙂

      1. That’s great! You’ve clearly found something priceless. I’m not surprised to hear that such an ancient practice has truly fostered self-awareness. Keep it up!

  2. Good for you! 🙂
    And I have to say you sound a bit like my wife (who inspired me to start a new blog) in your passion for your martial art. Though she does hapkido – but as I understand it hapkido and taekwondo have a lot in common…

    1. Thanks so much for your nice comment! We do some hapkido at black belt level. Kicking is fun, but so is getting someone in a wrist lock or throwing them on the floor. 🙂

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