Get the Book! – Kicking and Screaming

book coming soon

Want to know the story behind the stories? I am currently writing my first memoir (aptly titled Kicking and Screaming) based on my taekwondo journey. Most of the book has been written, and now I am in heavy editing mode and will soon be shopping around for agents and publishing houses.

Of course I would love for my dear readers to buy my book, but I’m really announcing it so you guys can hold me accountable by pestering me about it: “Is it done yet? Is it done yet? When is your book coming out?”

Is the book just a bunch of blog posts jammed together?

NO. The book is based on some of the stories and teachings from my blog, but it goes much more into detail of my background, the serious challenges that drove me into the dojang, technical details of my taekwondo classes, funny stories from physical therapy (how could I resist making butt jokes?), and the huge emotional and mental change that I experienced as I went from an anxious, alcoholic, anorexic (well, kinda) white belt to a strong, confident black belt.

You get to learn my secrets to success and also see a not-so-savory side of me…but I’m still funny. That’s the important part.

I will keep all of you posted on updates with the book and of course will let you know when it’s out in print.

March 2018 Update
I have completed my manuscript and am currently working on my book proposal and query letters. I will soon be contacting several literary agents.
Y’all keep me honest and keep me encouraged. Let’s get this thing published!

I am a member of the National Association of Memoir Writers. So there.