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Photo by Wesley Kirk / Vision & Verve

Want to know the real story behind the black belt?

I am proud to announce I have contracted with She Writes Press to publish my book, Kicking and Screaming: a Memoir of Madness and Martial Arts on April 20, 2021.

Pre-orders are now available on Amazon.

Stay tuned for updates. It’s happening, you guys! See this blog post for the official announcement.

What people are saying about it:
“This is not a martial arts story. It’s the terrifying tale of a beautiful soul at war with itself. I applaud Melanie for having the courage to reveal her darkest struggles in the hope of helping others. Let the breakthrough in these pages be a call to us all to transform from our own worst enemy to our own best friend.” – Ando Mierzwa, Happy Life Martial Arts

“This inspiring memoir traces the author’s journey through mental illness, alcohol abuse, and challenging relationships with the help of taekwondo. Told with humor and disarming honesty, it captures the reader’s attention with a lively style and sound writing. (It also has a great title.)” – She Writes Press

Contact: Email mdgwrites (at) Follow me on social media:
 Melanie Gibson Author / @TaekwondoLBB
Instagram: @melaniegibsonauthor
Facebook: Melanie Gibson Author

Publicity: Marika Flatt, PR By the Book

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