Want to contribute to Little Black Belt? While I do not pay guest writers for their work I am happy to help other writers share their work, spread the awesomeness of martial arts across cyberspace, and link to their blogs and sites.

Contributing Guidelines:
-Topic must be related to martial arts or other combat sports. I’ll make an exception for tai chi, qigong, and yoga.
-Work should be submitted in the body of your email or as a Word document or Google docs
-Please submit questions and proposed ideas to Please allow 2-3 days response time from me. I have a full-time job and household to manage, which takes up most of my time (not to mention my own taekwondo practice) but I do answer all requests within the week they are sent.
-If you want me to include a link to your site, please include a brief bio and the URL to your site or other works in your submitted post

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