Teach a four-hour workshop to thirty hospital leaders.

Renew driver’s license in personĀ at the Texas DPS.

Get home in time to let in the plumber and plan for the dishwasher installer.

Keep up with meetings and work deadlines.

Pack for a trip to see family.

Catch a flight.

These are all the things on my life’s to-do list this week. Other than the recent interview I posted, I haven’t done anything with my blog for nearly a month although I’ve stayed pretty much up to speed in my personal journal. I’ve been to taekwondo class every week in June, including some excellent black belt-only classes hosted by my Master, but it’s all been a blur.

Life has been happening so fast it seems to have gotten in the way of…well…living.

I have a full and busy life, and for the most part I appreciate that. But how much of that “busy-ness” is of my own doing? How much of that need for speed is self-inflicted? I’m extremely organized, which I think actually makes my life a lot easier. I also think I sometimes look for activities to do to fill the time rather than just sitting back and enjoying everything I’ve worked for so far. Right now I feel like I’m jumping from one activity to the next as a means to check things off my master to-do list.

I’ll be taking some extended time off at the beginning of July. I already have a page full of “fun” activities to do and a chore list that’s just as long (part of that does include updating the blog, so you’ll see some more content from me). I hope I also take advantage of that time, that free time that is absolutely MINE and no one else’s, to re-balance my activities and obligations. I hope I can come out of that time refreshed, relaxed, and focused on a narrower list of priorities.

And that’s my question for all of you: is the business of managing your life getting in the way of actually living it? If so, how can you prioritize those must-dos and those want-tos? How can you find better balance?


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One thought on “When Life Gets In the Way of Life

  1. Love it! I need more organization and to do list so I’ll remember what I intended to do. I need better sleep, less late nights and bit more exercise.

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