“Are you driving it like you borrowed it or are you driving it like you OWN IT?!”

My Body Combat teacher growled and grinned at us as she threw jabs and pushed her sweaty acolytes to work harder. As I bounced and punched I had to suppress a chuckle and filed her comment away in my brain for a future blog post.

A few years ago I wrote a post exploring a phrase a former yoga teacher used to shout at us: “Stand in your power! You’re powerful yogis!!” (Yes, I pay multiple people to yell at me).

I think of my Body Combat teacher’s phrase as part two of my yoga teacher’s mantra:

1. Stand in your power. Claim your space in this world. Set your goal.

2. OWN IT!! Work it, drive it, push it, DO IT in your place of power. Act on your intentions. Hold yourself accountable.

Are you living your life like you own it, or are you tiptoeing around, not committing to doing your best, or not feeling like you have theĀ right to take charge of your destiny and allow yourself to be successful and happy?

Ownership brings both a sense of pride and possibilities and a sense of responsibility and accountability. I bought a home in 2011, and both my emotions and realties around home ownership were noticeably different than as a long-time apartment renter. My condo feels like my sanctuary, an extension of myself, and a very important aspect of my life. I can decorate and remodel as I please. With that comes property taxes, small and large-scale repairs, and long-term responsibility. A thirty-year mortgage is a lot different than a six month lease.

I don’t think everyone has to follow the lifescript of owning a home. Thats just an example; however, having a sense of ownership over SOMETHING in your life is important.

Own your thoughts. Own your feelings. Own your reactions. Own your choices. Own how you treat yourself and how you treat others. Own how you care for the one body you have.

This life is YOURS, and OWNING it means you do have the responsibility to commit to whatever it is that makes you happy, AND you also have a huge sense of freedom. No one else owns your mind or your life. You’re not borrowing it from anyone. You own it. Now drive it like you own it.

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