Despite despising my grad school marketing class I did get the message that you have to be clear about the market you want to target. That being said I haven’t quite found my “niche” with Little Black Belt. While the motif is taekwondo the deeper purpose is personal growth through self-awareness and reflection. It just happens to be written from a female perspective. That’s all good and well if I want to keep an online public journal (the paradox of that is staggering) and shout into the abyss from my soapbox, but it doesn’t make much of a contribution to other people other than having something funny and possibly thoughtful to read for 20 seconds.

Bottom line premise: I’m an average jane with an education and a job who decided to pursue a black belt in taekwondo. Hilarity ensues. Curious?

Beneath the surface:
Self-awareness leads to change which leads to different and positive outcomes.
If I hadn’t bought into that concept I’d either be dead or miserable and making everyone around me miserable. The help of yoga, taekwondo, and a trusted guide has changed who I am inside and out. The learning and mishaps haven’t stopped, but I’m becoming less of what Eckhart Tolle would label as “unconscious.” I saved my own life and my sanity, so if I can help someone else get there then my work on this planet is done.

So who can get something useful out of this blog?

-Women who like martial arts
-Men who like martial arts
-Men who like women who like martial arts
-Women who need encouragement to be the strong badass females they have the potential to be
-People who want to escape the cage of depression, confusion, and being ruled by emotions
-People who want to find purpose and peace but are cubicle-dwelling commuters and can’t take off time to chill in a cave for a year
-People who have been chickening out of writing a blog

Hmm. Not seeing how I’m saving anyone money or selling a catchy concept. But maybe that’s not the point right now.

I’m still searching for the keys that unlock confidence, contentment, and meaningful living. The scavenger hunt has gotten a little easier each year, and that’s what I hope I can help others do. Even as a die-hard cynic I do believe everyone has the right to chase their passions and their dreams. Too often life gets in the way of that. I’m on that quest, and I invite you to join me. Pack a sandwich.

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