Merry Christmas from the universe.

Today I’m taking a break from my usual taekwondo posts to share my other passion–the law of attraction. I’ve been a believer for a long time and have had too many instances of proof to be a skeptic. Without trying very hard I experienced the power of visualization. Some of you may think it’s a coincidence, but I fall more on the side of manifesting my own reality.

So today my department was at a nearby hotel having our Christmas celebration. I was bored and hungry, so I tuned out the talking at the beginning (hey, I was bored and HUNGRY) and fantasized about a meal that I knew wouldn’t be served there but I wanted to enjoy anyway: a fat juicy cheeseburger with a crisp slice of red onion, topped with cold tangy ketchup on a whole wheat bun….salty spicy waffle fries from Dickey’s BBQ….cheesecake with a swirl of raspberry flavoring…and topped off with a glass of Jack on the rocks. I savored every bite and felt the warmth of the whiskey running down my throat.

Then lunch was FINALLY served. We had steak (Steak!!!! I was expecting chicken!), cheesecake for dessert (plain but still…cheesefreakingcake…I was expecting the typical hotel meal chocolate or buttercream cake) and to my utter surprise…a champagne toast….during working hours! Meat, sweets, and alcohol, BOOM! AHHHHH!!!!!

Thanks, Universe.

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