Wanna fight? Just kidding!

I am available for hire for guest posts, staff writing, freelance work, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts. My areas of expertise are self-development, executive and life coaching, leadership and team development, wellness, relationships, yoga, martial arts, and humor.

Contact me (Melanie Gibson) at: mdgwrites (at) gmail (dot) com for questions about my blog and other writing opportunities.

My work has been featured on:
The Seeds4Life: Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight
BookMartialArts.com (Click here for all articles or search the category Book Martial Arts Articles)

Bachelor of Arts in English (2001)
Master of Library Science (2003)
Master of Business Administration (2012)

-Certified by the Center for Applications of Psychological Type to administer and interpret the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Step I and II (2013)
-Master Practitioner Designation (2017)

Professional Skills:
Individual and Group Coaching
Organizational Development Consulting
Facilitation and Presentation
Instructional Design

Wellness Expertise:
Yoga practitioner since 1997
First degree taekwondo black belt, awarded October 2015
Second degree taekwondo black belt, awarded November 2017
I’m a gym rat and eat my fruits and vegetables. That should count for something, right?

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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Melanie, we were hoping to connect with you! We’re crowd funding a martial arts web series about a young girl, Black Kungfu Chick, and wanted to see if you would help promote on your sites. Please contact me. Rae

    1. Hi Rae! Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been out of town all weekend. I’ll get in touch….well, I’m having a hard time contacting you through WordPress. Please email the mdgwrites address listed at the top of the Contact Me page. I’d love to learn more about your project.

  2. Melanie,
    I was computer browsing and found your blog. So Glad to see you are successful and you do write very well. I shouldn’t be surprised about your writing skill and artistry! Life is good if not great here. I am retired, have a whole new life with lots of guy friends to play golf, pickle-ball, bike riding, walking, drinking coffee etc. as well as a great family and grandchildren. Since I am a wimp I would never consider your sport and I’m not sure I would want to meet you in a tournament situation and wind up on my derriere! Take care and keep writing ! Your Blog is fantastic and I’m certain your book will be great.

    1. Dr. Stoltz!! What a nice surprise to hear from you. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. I love taekwondo. It’s been a life changer. I’m glad you’re doing well. 🙂

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