Tick Tock — What Are You Doing With Your Life?


A few weeks ago I came across an article on LinkedIn that challenged to reader to think about what’s really important to them. Try it for yourself and see whether your current “priorities” match your dreams.

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Defending Your Work-Life Balance

work-life-balanceI am coming out of the corporate closet: I don’t buy into the “I’m so busy” culture anymore. More and more it seems to be the cultural norm (preferred in fact) to commiserate about how “swamped” and “exhausted” and “drowning” we are with our work.

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Practicing Ahimsa While Kneeing Someone in the Gut — Reconciling Taekwondo with Yoga

Warrior I asana with fists of fury.

My introduction to yoga was a class called “Get Centered” during my first semester as a college freshman. The instructor was a tiny bird of a woman with hippie white girl dreadlocks and a voice like a dark, cool, quiet bedroom. I was hooked. Yoga has accompanied me through years of education, career growth, relationship struggles and joys, financial independence, and emotional maturity. Even when I skipped class for months and didn’t give yoga much thought it was always in the background patiently waiting for me to come back.

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Taekwondo for the Voting Age Set Part 2


In a previous post I zeroed in on one adult who is braving the taekwondo waters. This time I’d like to share some of the most useful things I’ve learned along my martial arts journey and can hopefully provide some guidance to other adults tkd students.

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Sparring with Demons – a Response to the Death of Robin Williams and the Societal Stigma of Mental Illness


Amidst the outpouring of sadness and sympathy over the death of Robin Williams come the inevitable accusations of selfishness and cowardice. Early this morning I heard a woman at work snidely remark that she was surprised it had taken him this long. I had to walk away.

Mental illness is real and it is crippling. Suicide is not a decision that’s taken lightly. It is sought after as a (misguided) way to escape crushing pain and despair. The demon of depression and its many friends are very crafty and very powerful.

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Taekwondo for the Voting Age Set Part 1

ninja wine glass
Ninja glass! Your wine has vanished before your eyes!

My favorite student in the dojang is Thomas*, an orange-soon-to-be yellow belt. I haven’t had a chance to train with or coach him but I’ve been quietly watching his progress over the past few months. I’ve watched his eyes squint and his brows furrow in concentration as he performs blocks and strikes. Last night I smiled to myself when he breathed a sigh of determination before sparring with one of our black belt instructors.

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Life Detox

reset-buttonThe sweet pungent scent of tobacco wafted over my head as I puffed on a Cuban cigar (a gift from a friend) and sipped a fat glass of Gentleman Jack whiskey. It was my last hurrah before a planned detox. Earlier that day I had sanctimoniously stuffed a grocery cart full of fresh produce and told the surfer dude college student cashier about the juice I was going to make. I could say that this little detox (no alcohol, soda, meat, dairy, or processed food for a week or two) is a response to the stubborn 5 pounds that latched onto me around Christmastime, but it goes deeper than that. Frankly, I feel like crap. I’m bloated, my skin is red and splotchy, and I feel like I’m dragging under the salt and sugar and chemicals I’ve greedily stockpiled in my body.

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Fightin’ Round the World

I am one little blog in the vast blogosphere of talented writers with super-duper marketing savvy. Yet somehow my words have found their way to Brazil, Australia, Cambodia, India, China, and many other countries around the world. If you are reading this in Russia, Mexico, Japan, or even right here in Texas…thank you. I’m humbled that you took a few moments out of your day to spend them with me. Thank you.

Not me. But you get the gist.