Enough already, Yoda!

Maybe it’s my sarcastic nature, but I just can’t get into motivational quotes. A participant in a recent leadership development program suggested that we send them an inspiring word of the day. Instead I sent her a link to the fabulous site despair.com, which lampoons those awful motivational posters. I bought a wine simply because the label read “Pessimist.”

That brings me to a quote that has been popping up in people’s email signatures and Facebook feeds:
“Do or do not. There is no try.” —Yoda

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The Big Bang of Little Black Belt

If I had learned my lesson from those countless “a year of” memoirs I would have started blogging from when I showed up to the dojang on April 1, 2013, wearing my stiff white deeply creased dobok. A little over a year later isn’t such a bad thing. I had no idea I’d be where I am now–comfortable in a new and challenging role at work, in the most loving relationship I’ve ever had, and a little higher up on the dojang food chain.

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Fear of Flying (Kicks)

“Um…no, I’ll break a hip,” I said tartly one night in an early January taekwondo class, giving my instructor the side eye and choosing to hop daintily to the side of the pads set up for flying side kick practice rather than leaping over them. Ah, flying side kick, the bane of my existence, the barometer for my physical prowess…or lack thereof.

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